Poles reluctant to learn English

Over half (53%) of working Poles assess their knowledge of English as being basic (levels A1/A2), according to research conducted by Tutlo. 77% of professionally active people know the role of language skills in the labor market. hoc phi tieng anh, the vast majority of them (62%) do not develop those skills and mainly justify their passivity by their lack of time (42%).

“Even if an employee does not speak English for the entire eight hours, his fluent knowledge [of the language] is a very big advantage in the eyes of the employer. Contrary to appearances, not everyone has these skills, and yet globalization is increasingly causing companies to seek experts ready for everyday contact with English-speaking clients,” said Tomasz Jabłoński from the Tutlo platform.

The company’s data shows that the median salary of employees with advanced English skills is PLN 6,000. People with intermediate and poor English skills on average earn PLN 4,200 and PLN 3,600 respectively.


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